Some people work for validation, some work for money, some don't know why they work and for some, work gives them a purpose to live. Well, how wonderful the world would be if everyone did what they love doing, what they're really good at! The question here is 'Money'. We often end up in a job we don't like because passion doesn't pay, as they say!


Buckbaaz is created with an idea to provide ample opportunity for people to use their hobbies or interest to earn money.

Who can earn?

- Currently creative individuals who write/read Poems, Short stories, Articles Or capture meaningful pictures can earn huge cash prizes every month.

- More options will be launched soon in the Creator section for non-creative individuals to earn money doing genuine work at the comfort of their home.

Why Buckbaaz?

"I'm someone who tried to earn money online during my college days but ended up finding a lot of fraudulent websites asking for registration fees or keeping my money on hold till I earned a certain amount! The existing genuine platforms were no good to me as the type of work I liked was not listed anywhere. Buckbaaz is free and it will always be! As we grow, we'll make sure people from each city & village of the country has access to a stable earning source where they do what they love! Spread the word and help us make it happen!" - The one who believes in it.