1. How to submit content on Buckbaaz?
Answer - To submit Articles / Poems / Short Stories / Photographs, please visit CREATOR, fill up the form with registered email id and original content!
2. How do I know if my content is submitted properly?
Answer - When you submit any kind content in the Creator section, a confirmation of submission is sent to you on your chat box! If the confirmation doesn't pop up from the chat box, you might have submitted an email id that doesn't match your registered email id on Buckbaaz!
3. How do I know if my content is approved/ rejected?
Answer - Approval / Rejection of content is usually done within 12 hours of submission. The same is conveyed to the user on the registered e-mail id. Approval of content and date of publication in the READER section will be informed to the user through another mail within 2-3 days. If your content is approved but didn't get published in the READER section even after 3 days, it is possible that the content is selected and saved for Buckbaaz's official print Magazine, which is launching soon!
4. Will I be paid as a creator for my approved content?
Answer - Currently, creators on Buckbaaz will not receive any monetary benefits but we are working hard to make it possible for our creators by the end of December, 2020.
5. What will I get as a creator on Buckbaaz?
Answer - Creators on Buckbaaz will enjoy unique perks in the COMMUNITY. Special badges will be provided to top performing creators and some of their content will be featured in sponsored social media ads by Buckbaaz social media handles. Make sure you follow them all to keep track of it!
6. Why should I read content from the "Reader" section?
Answer - We all need a reason to read, don't we? Buckbaaz stands for quality, knowledge and information. The content posted in the READER section will be no different. And more importantly, there will be a test every 2 months where any Premium member can appear for free. The test will consist of only one question on any category the candidate had chosen earlier. Which means, if you like reading Articles but you don't enjoy Poems as much, you can opt in for Article test. Answers have to be written in a descriptive format. A guideline on the same will be announced shortly.
7. What will I get as a Reader on Buckbaaz?
Answer - Readers will earn cash prizes every second month. Spend only 10 minutes a day reading content from your favorite category, answer just one question in the test and the best few answers will receive the prize money! This feature is absolutely free for premium members! 
8. How do I get a Premium Badge on Buckbaaz?
Answer - We are giving away premium membership for free! The offer is valid for a limited time. Grab it before it's gone. To claim your premium badge click on the Gift box shown in the homepage, fill up a basic form and that's all you need to do! You will see your name shining with a premium badge within 12 hours! Explore Social section to know more about all the features you can access using a premium badge to your name!
9. How do I get a Premium Creator badge on Buckbaaz?
Answer - Unlike a Premium badge, Premium creator badge is earned through talent and contribution. Creators who submit more often and get multiple content published on Buckbaaz will receive a special badge named as "Premium Creator". You got to earn it! Start creating today!
10. How do I get a Premium Reader badge on Buckbaaz?
Answer - In order to get a "Premium Reader" badge, one has to be a frequent visitor on Buckbaaz and the more time you spend on the Reader section, the more chance there is. Keep exploring! 
10. What topics can I write about?
Answer - You can write about almost anything. Make sure you read the guidelines in the Creator section to know what's not allowed. Got a specific question regarding the same? Contact us!