Hey babe chill, everything’s gonna be fine
Your inner storm will find its end,
All your visions and dreams that are confined,
Will score a boundary and ascend.

The thoughts seem to be endlessly rushing
Making you feel lonely and sick,
The rage in the blood unstoppably raising,
Have patience it's nothing but a trick.

This age is a little too jarring on you,
You will feel you don’t matter,
You will make mistakes that you can’t undo
But trust me you’ll grow stronger after every shatter.

Evil out there will be your distraction,
It will drag you to things not meant to do
Don’t let it affect you even as a fraction.
Let what you want to do outshine what you have to .

Between the thorns, rose will bloom again,
After the gloomiest night, the sun will conquer its throne.
To make the parched lips smile, it will rain
You will be legendary, who was once unknown.

Mariya giletwala
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