Amor (love)

Love feels home for exotic seeker of peace,
A vibe craved eternally; nevermore cease;

Love for inexplicable passion, raw emotions,
For feels unspoken and fanciful notions;

Love for exquisite memories, grandeur glory,
For family and friends and lives exemplary;

For art of eye contact which ain't a myth,
For ashes of dreams, deep beneath;

Love of freedom for a teen,
For beautiful dawn, ever seen;

Love for unbounded art in a verse and prose,
For tenderness in a thorny rose;

Love for helpfulness and hopefulness,
For beauty with elegance of your own mess;
For the dawn after dark night,
And a heart with graceful sight;

Love; An ambiance that abide the aura around,
To the abundance of it, we all are bound;

For the phenomenons above are relevant equally,
But do they content you overly?

It's imperative to love first ourselves, we believe,
But ain't it more significant to love the lives we live?

Krupa Umrania
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