Ballad of the blazes

Dance of the flames was witnessed by us two.

Fireplace filling the sombre room with golden hue.

Deafening silence defeated by the blazes that sang a ballad of the past.

Taking back to the nights where silence was absent, and words spoke hearts.

Feigning to hate we'd chosen to part ways, but for how long?

His right arm had Whiskey, left had rested his temple.

How could I've reached for his arm today when his poise appeared to be extempore?

Saying "I should leave" I hoped an affirmation, but silence was what I received.

Yes, my spouse was waiting for me, my unloving, dutiful spouse.

I was wedded to her as in the "modern" families, a man's love for another man can't be aroused.

Standing up, stealing a glance at him, I walked.
Slowly. Thought to be stopped.

But I reached the door, and there was my coat.
And off I went out to the cold weather that awaited to fall on me.

The ballad of the flames was no longer audible. Concert was over, perhaps.

Sajid Mallik
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