Mishap corona
Originated from China
Tiny virus of a snake
Made all genres awake

Neither the human society nor the animality
Hath reprived of its brutality
Thousands died
But a few revived

History tells
When peoples' greed swells
Nature spreads venom
To maintain equilibrium

People with different creed
Have different greed
Retailers loot folks
To sell their stocks
But saints and zealots say
The menace as dooms day

Government's lockdown
Is to make corona knockdown
Time to adopt measures
And get healthy treasures
Washing hands and self isolation
Are golden steps for its prevention

Police and doctors
Became life savers
Far from home
To fight against the troublesome

Meance corona's will
Is to make you ill
Don't ponder
It as a blunder
The world isn't ending
It's adapting

Brajabhanu Das
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