Coronavirus Rhapsody

The days eventually fell silent,
No sound, not even chirping of birds,
All you could hear was the sound of,
Fear knocking on the doors.

This is the worst time, and the worst season.
A step "Quarantine" was taken, by the Union's decision.
Throughout this time, many things got screwed.
Some weren't able to go home, some didn't get food.

Hand washing and social distancing turn out to be compulsory.
We are compelled to wear masks, it became our new accessory.
Several lives are fighting, several lives are surviving.
To paralize the world, the Corona virus is striving.

Here comes the people, who are bravely saving our world.
Known as front-line workers, our country's flag with pride unfurled.
Front-liners are the nobles, who are helping people everywhere.
They're battling against Corona, to end this nightmare.
They are our savior, they are our new superheroes.
By thanking and clapping, the victim world echoes.

Now is the time we should divide and stand, cause united we we'll fall.
By staying at home, we can easily conquer all.

Aditi Debnath
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