Daddy's Love

When I fell on my first walk,
You were there to divert my mind.
When I was excited to open the door,
You were there to be my horse so that I could play with you more.

When I wanted to share my problems,
You were always there to rectify all my blames.
When I was at kitchen to satisfy my hunger pangs,
You were there as a chef to appease my cravings.

When I was bored and needed someone,
You were there to be my chatterbox.
When my loneliness haunted me,
You were there to always help me.

When I went to my new hostel,
I got to know, alone I need to dwell.
That is when I was shattered,
Because for me, the most you only mattered.
For you I am the apple of your eye,
And you are the peace my soul seeks.

Priyanka Rout
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