Ever heard the silence roar?

The soul hollering from the body,
weeping to escape the stark crisis.

Oh, the open sky beckons me
to flaunt the magic of my secret wings,
but the fear of the pandemic still clings.

Being nostalgic, I'm longing for the toothsome,
Yet the chaotic situation won't let me get some.

Locked behind the doors and enclosed by the walls,
With menacing eyes- no mercy, no sympathy
they stare at me like ghastly crawls.

Trapped in my thoughts,
I wonder of the world outside,
And then I fear of being here forever.
Nevertheless, that's the only thing I want never.

But the mother Earth is healing now without any clause.
This is what the world has given us for now - a pause!

Smruti Rekha Sahoo
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