Garden of my mind

This is how I saw it, with you
Beautiful gardens, full of thorns
Not the thorns, the tulips those were,
Running around, you saw me laughing
In the garden, my legs of blood,
Torn by thorns,
No you couldn't see.

I told you I was fine
Barefoot I ran
Just to chase you one last time
Insecure I sat there when you couldn't find,
Alone in my garden
With thorns of my mind
Planted by the shadow I didn't let go

Sat there crying
You knew I wasn't sure
Not worth it I thought, doubted my mind.
I sat there crying and you went by fine.

I looked at her while she looked like hope
Something that you looked like too
I looked at her while I sat there crying
Lied down when my eyes dried.
Looked for hope
Never looked inside
You dance in her meadows while I sit here crying.

I get up and dust away those legs of mine
What you said was precious to you
Nothing but a lie.
I thought of you while I sat there crying
Got up on my bare feet
To rise this time.
Alone in my garden, my beautiful place
I never realized
My eyes could shine, without your tears
Without your lies
I dance on my bare feet
In the garden of mine
I do shine brighter
Than how I would if you thrived.

Charvi Gupta
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