How did the sky look?

After few months
in a room
with people in white coats
always around me with
Needles and saline bottles
adjusting the nob
as the drop adjusts its size
no appetite but number of dishes
fruits milk and hotch potch
has always been top notch
gliding down my esophagus
followed by daily dose of
elliptical matters what they
basically call capsule
circular object with three hands
had so much energy to
keep moving every second
unlike me who could barely
get out of bed
shows on that screen
started losing sense
with just eyes on them
mind somewhere out of reach
sedation for grabbing sleep
fails to work on nights
All I ask myself is
how did the sky look?
before I slipped off
the floor whose number
I don't remember
but I think I remember
a bit of
how did the sky look.

It... it looked like hugging me
listening my over framed words
soaked up with agony
it was easy without uttering a word
conveying how I felt
to wide open arms of sky
High dosages for insomnia
they bring up on table
gulping down the throat
I wonder why am I
decaying inside the hemispheres
even though I am
caged here for betterment!

Khevna Vasani
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