I am next

I am next
Next to be caught in this web of security,
Also called as patriarchy.

I am next
Next to be lulled in sweet lies and faulty conviction,
Because that is just a taught benediction

I am next
Next to think that if I get a man who “allows” me to do whatever I want, I am lucky.

I am next
Next in this never ending chain of trauma,
The trauma that lives in each women of this so called system of patriarchy.

I see, I am next
Next in the thought where this never ends,
The victory always seems just around the bend.

You see, I am next
Because no matter what I do, I’ll be just another women tangled
In this impossible yarn with no way out of this barn.

I knew I was next
When I decided to settle for bare minimum.
And never tried to reach for the maximum.

I know that the generation I give birth to, will be next
Because I was taught to be next.

Jasprit Kaur
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