Just a shooting star

You are a universe to me,
Where I am just a shooting star,
Who inadvertently happened to cross the line,
Which divides your world with mine.

Our stars crossed paths before we ever did,
The universe you were made of left me in a daze,
Your stars shine bright like the smile on your face.
I just strolled around,
Lingering for as long as I could,
Granting wishes was my job,
Now I find myself pleading to stay longer than I've got.

I don't know where I'll go next,
Another universe or meet death.
If there is anything such as magic ,
It would be this,
The millions of stars you are made of,
This universe is my favorite one.
Loving you wasn't a choice,
It was something I could choose nothing over,
Every ounce of your universe,
Made me fall harder and harder.
Now, I'm no more just a comet,
I'm the comet falling in love with the cosmos you are made of.
I can bet on my life,
That there's nothing about it I regret,
And nothing of it that I could bear to forget.

Mansi Joshi
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