Keep your forever

Sitting in front of the window that faces moonlit vicinity, I think.

The day was fucked up, and the night's ought to be pleasant,

To sleep soundly,

I reach for your hand that once held mine uttering,
"I'll be there in your worst days for you, just reach out!"

And when I reach out your hand's gone along with your body that carried a smile gentle like a fireplace in a blizzard.

'What happened?' I think. Where are you? I need you now.

You were not supposed to be like the others with the fibbing words.
But could it be that?
Did you? Did you get what you yearned for?

Is it why you came to me in the first place?

Well, I knew it. I always do. I still gave in to feel this.

Is it wrong to be hopeful for once to be proven wrong?

Maybe it is. Then what's "forever" even mean now, eh?

Your words? Their words that say, "there is someone"? Or me feeling like this?

Sajid Mallik
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