Live it well.
I tell myself, often.
For 'life' itself is a miracle.
Even them scientists marvel,
the manner in which we came into existence.

No one knows, what's it gonna
be like, when it ends!
My soul lives along?
Watching over them!
From another dimension!
Sees everything then,
blaming for not occurring before,
not when I was alive,
not when I could feel it all.

Wouldn't let the kids fail,
not like me, at least!
Through their dreams,
I'd try my best.
"Listen to your heart,
not your brain", I'd chant.
"Follow your instincts
and your intuitions
which won't fail you", I'd keep on.

A nightmare it'd be for them!
"Give us a break"!
The hectic hours, monthly targets,
expenses, kid's future!
"To give advice, the easiest",
They'd reply.
Can't blame them.
Long back I've begun this race,
They're part of it too,
Could I understand it well.

Failed I'd be,
and on the return
to my other dimension!
I'd hear a voice...
"You should learn from
your mistakes!"
One life's time wasn't enough
though, I'd repent!
A victim like other.
Let the new,
find their peace.
I'd sigh.

Arjun A S
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