Love you more

I stare into those beautiful orbs of yours
Staring right back at me as if trying to reach my soul
Holding me in your tight security as if I may vanish into thin air if let go
Your hands reach my cheeks to caress me, making me lean onto you
It's then I come to know that I can't ever let you go

Every time at night you hold me close to you
Moulding our heart beats to one as if made for each other
I feel you in my dreams dancing our way together till eternity
I feel you reaching to those parts of my soul where none can think of
It's then I come to know that how much it would hurt to let you go

We may fight with each other over things so petty
Time may make us doubt our love for each other
And I may start to drift apart but when you wrap me in your warmth
and say "it's all gonna be okay" and pamper me with sweet kisses
It's then, I realize that our love would never diminish.
Its then, I come to know that our love for each other is perfect in the most imperfect way.

We may be apart from each other for days,
And I will be ready to throw a fit on you
But one look in your enchanting orbs and a touch as trivial as a kiss
Makes fireworks of spark explode all over me
And it's like feeling love again
It's then, I come to know that I love you more each day.

Parijat Saha
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