My lifelines

Your smile, your eyes and everything you possess
Your kindness, your calmness and your adorable sweetness,
All are my lifelines.

Your beauty your nature and the way you behave,
Your care, your trust and your little sweet gestures,
All are my lifelines.

Your personality, your attitude and all your cuteness,
Your anger your jealousy and your face of eternal happiness,
All are my lifelines.

Your interest, your likes and all your choices,
Your lipstick, your eyelashes and your fine dresses,
All are my lifelines.

Your feelings, your beliefs and all your thoughts,
Your questions your complaints and yours never ending talks,
All are my lifelines.

Your pure soul and that lovable heart of yours
For which the sun in my world shines,
You solely are my lifeline.

Ayush Anand Mallik
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