Oh dear people

Oh dear people ,
Don't be sad, all will be well and fine,
In the days to come.
We will be united again ,
We will fly together again ,
We will be praying again,
We will be playing again .

Oh dear people,
Don't get stressed, The world will blossom like a flower again.
The temples will be awaken,
Also the mosques will be lighted,
And there will be people in the church again.

Oh dear people,
Don't forget that every dark night has a beautiful sunrise,
The roads will be cherished soon,
And also we will celebrate till the very noon,
Children will run all around the parks,
And also sweet shops will be open at far.

Oh dear people,
Yes, we have lost our loved ones,
But we have to stay at our places,
To save the rest ones.
Pray from the bottom of your hearts,
Try to please the divine power,
He is the one who knows all your griefs,
He is the one who has solutions to all your problems.

Juweriya Waseem
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