Why does the virus exist?
Well, why do we?
17 years and I finally see the planet smiling, it's blue again.
Green everywhere, sublime with the hues and happiness.
From the bugs to the tigers, in unison they thanked for the life they got back.
Locked in cages, scared for life.
Karma never forgets, nor does it bail,
anybody out, more awaits.
This is not unsolicited, we built the stage.
Remember? Probably wont, because took it for granted, we thought we owned.
The world isn't falling apart, we are.
The cold breeze of today, was the planet's breath of relief.
Paying for all vice before taking off,
It's time for healing, we shall step out.
The clock is ticking, how much more
until we realise
It's us,
We are the Virus.

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