Corona, Corona ,The way you enter into our lives,
You make our lives physically and emotionally jeopardize,
You have taken many innocent souls into the heaven,
You have given a lot of strain and grief,
People are closing themselves inside four walls,
Terrified to put a single step outside the door,
Poor people are dying on street, roads and platforms,
Some are far away from their families to receive support and love in this harsh times,
Corona, Corona, but you healed this nature,
Maybe you came to make us realise how cruel we were to Mother Nature,
You have taught us value of people and environment around us,
We are not a king of this earth our egoes are narrow in front of your girth,
You have deliver your message brutally,
Corona, Corona, Now we feel terrible for our actions,
But now we all want you to vanish from our lives,
The lesson has been learnt by everyone,
The swears has been taken to save our home,
Corona, Corona, release us from your grip,
Give us our freedom back,
Help us to save our loved ones,
Corona, Corona, we are saying a big SORRY to our Earth.

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