Peeping out from window; in this boring lockdown,
And it's all due to Corona; which is the talk of the town.
I just keep gazing all day; down at the empty streets,
Then go back to room with boredom; and this damn routine repeats.
I haven't opened books for days; or I rather say weeks,
Don't remember even a single part of history; be it of German or Greeks.
Younger sibling is studying online; parents are working from home,
But I just keep browsing; either Insta or Chrome.
Eagerly waiting for board results; which is constantly getting delayed,
Looks like the whole world has stopped; and there's no movement of trade.
I used to hangout with friends; even when we didn't have much time,
Now am totally jobless; but still can't meet them due to this quarantine.
But this quarantine has also got some positive effects,
We have got time to exercise daily; and our body can now flex.
Just one request to you all; please stay inside,
Else the number of Corona patients; will quickly get multiplied.

Bhoomi Chandak
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