Hardcore in decisions
Brutal around people
Insensitive demeanor
Unkind plate on table
Merciless around tears
Inhuman activist
Heartless in actions
Ruthless talker
callous of pain
Cruel in deeds
pitiless for gloomy
careless about caring
Thick skinned
Hard-boiled in reactions
The words and tags
he get all-around!

Wait! Take a pause!
Before characterizing
or believing sounds

Open the backyard
digging deep
you might reach
feeble core buried underneath
that always received tantrums
for being so soft-hearted
Why so girlish?
He was always being asked
by people who masked
delicacy orderly
every little thing
had kind of gravity
for drop of tears
afraid of darkness
accounted him silly
shivers for berate
made to feel childish
The one who used to be
feel so deeply
was taught that
its a sin to be sensitive
Schooling was a toll
for such a student
playground was crying corner
for such a player
as he couldn't fit in
rule book of being HE
There were times
flowers and chocolates
made him euphoric
there were his mere
cravings for joy
Taking care about
each of the friend
also how they felt
he only got bullied
Gradually the incidents
enforced him
to shave off the fragility
Sensitive body
shredded the sensations!

Proceed to play!
Ensue characterizing
or believing sounds!

Khevna Vasani
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