The Beautiful Nightmare

Out of the dark,
when I was having no hope.
I was lingering on.
Somewhere out of black and yellow,
You appeared to me.
You were appearing to be furry, white and black,
The complete combination of grace and elegance.
You were the one with everything blue,
Your jeans, your pills and your dreams,
Who surrounded me and dragged me to the light.
Light of hope to be precise.
Although a false one.
That false hope for me was like a small white pearl.

One of the purest forms, forms from deep blue sea.
As we never met in real life,
So there are no memories to hold onto.
But that’s not completely true.
I’m living with the memories of you,
When we were together at some imaginary place, the garden, poet Rumi talked about.
We were walking,
holding each other’s hands.
After walking some distance,
A tunnel filled with darkness and coldness arrived, with the blindning light and warmth on the other end.

To cross the tunnel,
We cuddled with eachother, to provide each other support and warmth.

We looked each other in the eye,
Comforting and asking for assurance that we’ll stay this time.
Our lips collided,
Kissing each other.
As we were kissing, a deafening noise started to occur from inside of my body, like an alarm,
I guess it was my heart not able to process this much warmth, comfort, affection, love and happiness.

When I came to my senses.
It was a dream or a pleasant nightmare, which ended because of the sound of alarm clock going off and
thus, with a kiss, I die.

Anjaney Khajuria
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