The Mirror Girl

Cheerfulness, laughter and smiles...
Such a gorgeous face such beautiful eyes...
What a clear skin! What a pimple-free face!
She carries herself well and walks with grace.

Wears simple dresses and slays in them too...
Whatever you ask her for, she will help you.
A strong brain and a fascinating personality,
She never doubts someone's ability.

A thoughtful mind and captivating thoughts...
Talks less and listens a lot.
To every question, she puts forth her perspective.
Is very vibrant, very active.

Whoever meets her, finds her to be 'the perfect girl'...
Except for the one who she sees every day in the mirror.

The mirror girl sees cries more than smiles...
She criticizes her bulging stomach and her hefty thighs.

The mirror girl never tells her, how wonderful she is from within.
About her clothes getting small she keeps cribbing.

The mirror girl complains about her bold attitude,
She says, she doesn't like her showing too much gratitude.

The mirror girl tells her how 'too much' she thinks.
She rolls her eyes on how unimportant are her perspectives.
She looks down upon her saying she seems dead.
That girl tells her how much time she spends lazily on bed.

Nobody tells her how perfect she seems to them on her face.
So she believes whatever the mirror girl says.

Tirtha Kale
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