The silent warrior

For me she was special,
The bond we shared made it evidential.
She had silky long hair,
her skin so flawless and fair.
Those sparkling, alluring eyes,
filled my life with positive reprise.
Every time I saw her smile appear,
My problems seemed to disappear.
We had our own language, words to speak,
New phrases and words every week.
Writing this now,
I'm on the verge of tears.
My heart cries, so do my eyes!
So many things left unsaid,
No wonder why my insides feel dead!
Every grueling step she took in her stride,
Even at her lowest, I'm proud she tried.
Didn't God see how much it would hurt?
To and fro, as I walk through the corridor,
I try to act as if I don't care anymore.
She was my beloved gone too soon.
But I still wear the smile she gave me that monsoon!

Syeda Javeria Fatima
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