The vibes

Everything changes, places and faces,
But chase the one, where good vibe embraces;

Beauty and bliss, they all pretend,
Composite the glimpse of trend;
But seems not the end!

See forth, with broader foresight,
The passion that lights bestowing a sense of sight,
Holds in it the purest delight;

You're bound with sort of vibes in the air,
If found positive, a subtle beat pulses there;

Loudest laughter out of your glee,
It ain't significant; the ugliness and beauty,
But just glad to be alive and free;

With sort of tribe, you're on cloud nine,
And the skin of your bones possesses the brightest shine!

Vibes surely spells,
The truest truth it tells,
Perceive it, it knows well, where your desire dwells!

Krupa Umrania
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