It's hard to be the one who stays
waiting for someone in love is never easy.
It makes you go insane and crazy.
but I will wait even after the end of time for you.

for without you, my soul is like a grave,
the world, a hell without you, I should be brave.

Never let me go boy, never let me go
I will cross the seven seas,
the mountains,
the seven rings of torture and the center of the hell for you.

Purge my pain in the circle of your arms in your eyes
I lost myself in those charms,
you are vivid dreams forbidden fantasy,
your memories, a brilliant galaxy of happiness and heartbreak of love and lust.

I love you even if my dreams became shimmering dust,
My love i will be waiting
as yours
for you
with the same love .

Ishwarya Chellappan
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