Why is it that only girls have to suffer the most?
When there are other genders and boys for you to roast.
When the girls have to adjust into their new homes,
While the boys only pick up their nose!
Why is it that girls have to suffer the most?

Not one not two, not three, not four ,
Taunts they have to go through,
While the boys go to the dowry box to loot.

And when they think they want more
They go to the girl's house door!
And when the girl's family tell that we don't have more,
They go back to their home
To give the girl one more.

Why should boys have all the fun
When girls are the fun?
Not one not two,not three,not four
Can they do any chores?
One thing that comes up to my mind
'Why is it that only girls have to suffer the most?'

Varshana Masta
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