Buckbaaz's Reader Contest is finally here! The very first contest will be held on 27th September, 2020. There will be multiple winners who will be awarded cash prizes. Entry to the contest is absolutely free for all Premium members! Here is all you need to know about Reader Contest!

What exactly will happen in the contest?

Answer - Readers can choose any category from the Reader menu and answer only 1 question on the same category. The question will be asked on 27th September. Readers will have to submit answers within 24 hours of announcement of the contest.


What is the syllabus for the test?

Answer - Just like any other test, we do have a syllabus for you and we bet it's more interesting and rewarding than anything else. You can find "Selected Submissions" and "All Submissions"  under each Reading category. And "Selected Submissions" is your syllabus for the same category, you don't have to go through "All Submissions".

What kind of question will be asked and how should I answer it?

Answer - There will be 1 question from each category (Articles, Poems, Short Stories, Photographs, Experiences) and a reader has to answer only one question in a descriptive manner!

What's the Prize for the Winners?

Answer - Winners will receive Cash prizes through E-wallets (PhonePe, Google Pay or Paytm). The cash prizes may vary between Rs 1000 to Rs 10,000. More details on the exact amount will be announced before the contest. Winners will also get a chance to be featured on Buckbaaz's Social community and social media handles where the story of their achievement will be sponsored by us.

Who can participate?

Answer - Only Premium members of Buckbaaz can participate in the contest and submit answers. It is absolutely free to become a premium member and there is no hidden charges or account details required. Not a Premium member yet? Claim your Premium Membership for free now!

How will the answers be judged and how can I prepare to win?

Answer - The answers will be judged by our team of experts on several parameters such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence structure, Information taken from "Selected Submissions", External information on the topic, Understanding of all the content in the "Selected Submissions" and more. A detailed note on the same will be released prior to the Contest. Want to win the test? Start preparing today! 5 Minutes a day will be all that you need. You can also read all the content at one go in an hour and get ready for the test. But it's better to stay ahead of the race. 

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